Billing Options

CENTOGENE offers many convenient ways to pay for our genetic testing service.

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Billing Process

Institutional billing

This type of billing is used by our business customers, such as hospitals, universities, laboratories, medical practices and other institutions. If you are a business customer and are using our services for the first time, we require you to provide all of your company details on CENTOGENE’s Customer Request Form. The form must be signed by your financial department if you are applying for credit. The form should be sent by e-mail to: ar(at)centogene(dot)com.

Your sample will be processed after your account has been set up in our system on a prepaid, net cash or credit term basis.

If your business is registered in the EU, please do not forget to provide your VAT number.

Your Payment Options

CENTOGENE offers many convenient ways to pay for its genetic testing services.

Our leaflet “Easy to pay CENTOGENE” will guide you.

Coronavirus Tests at CENTOGENE

To order and pay for one of our coronavirus tests, please use the CENTOGENE Corona Test Portal.

Corona Test Portal

Insurance billing

Most insurance companies cover genetic testing services. Please do not hesitate to contact your insurance agent for further assistance.

If your insurance company covers our genetic testing services, you can use this type of billing. It will require pre-authorization from your insurance company. It is the responsibility of the patient/clinician, for whom the sample is being submitted, to ensure that such pre-authorization is obtained and forwarded by e-mail to ar(at)centogene(dot)com as soon as available. The original authorization should be sent together with the sample.

Your sample will be processed after authorization has been provided and accepted.

If authorization does not accompany the sample receipt sent to CENTOGENE’s premises, the self-payer billing method will be applied.

Self-payer billing

This type of billing is for patients, their family members, or other direct payers, who have agreed with their doctor/hospital to pay CENTOGENE directly up-front.

Prepayment is necessary in order to ensure smooth processing of samples.

Upon receipt of your sample, a prepayment invoice will be issued with the request to pay immediately.

Your sample will be processed after payment has been received in full without any deduction.

Payrexx self-service for credit card and Paypal payments

We are pleased to offer you Payrexx, an online, secure and convenient way to order payments by credit card and Paypal 24/7. We accept credit cards from Master Card, Visa and American Express.

Please click here to open the online payment form to pay for a genetic test from CENTOGENE.

PURPOSE field provide: CENTOGENE’s reference number and/or patient name and date of birth for internal tracking.


This Payrexx payment form (as well as the Wire transfer and Cheque methods mentioned below) cannot be used to pay for CENTOGENE's coronavirus tests. To order and pay for a coronavirus test, head over to the dedicated CENTOGENE Corona Test Portal.

Details on the accepted payment methods in the Corona Test Portal are available here.

Wire transfer

Wire transfers are a convenient and reliable way to send money. Our account and banking details are listed in the “Easy to pay” file.


Make cheques payable to CENTOGENE GmbH in English language only. Send the cheque to the address listed in our “Easy to pay” file.

Contact us

For additional information please read our terms and conditions.

Should you may need further assistance related to billing and payments, please feel free to e-mail us at ar(at)centogene(dot)com. We will be happy to help!

If you wish to contact us for any other reason, please use our contact form.

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