The Biobank operates under the strongest quality standards.

  1. Biobanking

CENTOGENE Biorepository

We have established a highest quality biorepository for use in our research and development collaborations with our pharmaceutical partners. It comprises original patient materials characterized through our genetic and/or biochemical diagnostics and with associated clinical information. The Biobank operates under the strongest quality standards and is the first CAP accredited repository outside the USA. It also is compliant with the new ISO20387 standard and comprises materials from patients, who have consented to the research use. All our samples have gone through our rigorous process of documentation, analysis and data evaluation by our experts in house.

CENTOGENE’s biobank provides the largest diversity of positive tested cases in the field of inherited rare diseases. Together with our CentoCard®  solution for easy sample collection and long-term storage of samples we are able to empower your research.

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